Harry Potter Tour


Hey everyone!

As the title tells – I finally had a chance to visit the Making of Harry Potter in Warner Bros studios in London!

A while has passed, but I still feel as excited!

(If anyone is curious, the price is £35 per person + £2.50 for the bus that takes you to the studios from Watford Juction station and after you’re done – gets you back.)

The first impression:

The people. (Not) surprisingly at all, majority of them were my age (20 and over). I thought it was very cute, considering the fact that we all grew up with the books an movies, and even after all the years, they, as me, are still excited to visit places like that.

My friends were slightly making fun of the amount of photos I made in 3 hours of touring, which is over 500.. I know, I know. Shedloads. But it’s all about the details, man!

Loved the tour, loved the atmosphere, hated the amount of people. (Nothing personal, but too crowded.)

I will share some photos here, for you to get the impression of what to expect. But, guys, the place is totally worth checking.

And don’t forget to try the Butter Beer. So good, so good.

I really enjoyed the walk around the studios. Lots of nice things to look at, lots of souvenirs to buy at the very end, lots of happiness. Being 23 as I am now, I never thought childhood stories will bring so much excitement. But, as dear Alan Rickman has said:


So there is nothing to be surprised about, really.

Lots of love,


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