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We’re not really talking a lot recently, were we? I’m finally done with my university so I will be able to spend more time on my blog! Cannot wait to share my experiences as often as I find something new I like!

This time it is going to be about Detoxing Coffee Scrub by the company called Optiat. How did I find them? Me and my friend went to a Love Natural Love You healthy lifestyle fair a couple of weeks ago and of course, we girls headed straight to cosmetic stands. We found a few smiling consultants standing on the other side of the desk letting us to take our time choosing. I must say this was something really uncommon in that fair, because lots of companies’ representatives were really annoying trying to persuade us to come take a look on what they were offering. You know how this is, we all do. It’s annoyingSo! The Optiat stand had three different types of coffee scrubs: Invigorating, Detoxing and Soothing. My friend already knew what she needs for her skin before we even found the stand, and I took my uninterrupted time choosing..

I ended up getting the Detoxing scrub which has Lemon and Black Pepper essential oils. I must tell you that it was my first coffee scrub ever and I didn’t know what to expect at all. Apparently, this scrub is the best for dry skin, cellulite, eczema and many other skin problems. Since I sometimes struggle with acne on my face and I have a never-ending bacne I thought I’ll give it a try.

First thing first – it smells more than amazing! Both my and my friend’s (she took the Soothing one) scrubs smell fantastic! Optiat did a really good job on combining the essential oils. Also, the girl by the stand told us that the coffee has been recycled, meaning that they don’t use freshly grounded coffee beans but instead they use already used coffee. The reason for that is, of course, benefits of recycling; second of all, she said that fresh coffee in a contact with hot water makes some kind of chemical reaction. Which is harmless, of course, because we all drink coffee, but apparently using used coffee for scrubbing your body is much better. There’s a reason for seeing our moms putting that coffee on their faces after they finish their cup.

Continuing, all the scrubs come in a 200g aluminum capacity with a clear label explaining how to use them and a reminder to start with a 24h allergy check. Since I’m not allergic to (I hope) anything, I’ve tried the scrub on my weekly spa Sunday right away.

First impression: oh my god so messy and oily. Obviously, it is supposed to be messy, it’s coffee after all. You’re getting used to that and start to learn how to be less of a mess. My mistake using the scrub for the first time was that I did not wash it off my face properly and it gave me an impression of leaving my face too oily. I did wash the coffee itself, but all the oils have stayed. Do not do my stupid mistake guys, haha. Second time using the scrub was a blast. I scrubbed my body and then I used the face wash and the face mask and continued on my usual shower routine. Although the packaging says that it’s better/recommended to leave the scrub on your skin for 5-10min for the oils to be absorbed but even not doing so all the time my skin still feels amazing after! It did not help with my bacne because I just decided not to use it on my back to avoid any oiliness that creates the problem, but it did help with my face though. It doesn’t have that annoying redness we all know anymore and it definitely helps to get rid of dead dry skin. Plus the smell you guys… So good!

To conclude it shortly, I recommend all to try Optiat, it’s a long lasting (for a month for sure), nice smelling and useful cosmetic item to have in your bathroom. I am sure everyone will find a suiting one for themselves. The link to the shop is here.


Just so you know guys, this post was not sponsored by the company and it is my own personal and honest opinion about the product.

Hope you’ll enjoy your future purchase!

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