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Cruelty Free Brands

Cruelty Free Brands

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick post here today. I’ve shared this with some people and I’ve been told this is really helpful so decided to share it with all of you guys as well!

I was struggling for some time googling and finding out which cosmetic or household brands are Cruelty Free and/or Vegan. (Struggling means that it takes time to do a research on every brand that interests me.) And then I’ve found this. Extremely helpful and everything’s in one place!  If you enter your details through the website – they are gonna send you a free wallet size book with a list of Cruelty Free cosmetics and household brands, including the ones that offer Vegeterian and Vegan options. 🙂 Big thank you Cruelty Free International!

By the way, yes, I took a photo of that cute little bunny. So adorable, right? 🙂

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Stay healthy and stay beautiful!

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