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Arts: Dragonborn Helmet

Dragonborn helmet

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to share some pictures of the pencil drawing process of the Dragonborn helmet from Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V. Yes, I am stilll obsessed with the game!

It took me 5 days in total to draw it all from scrach which equals around 30-35h approximately. (Been a while since I was drawing properly plus I’m really into detail haha.)

I myself really like to check out the process of someone else’s drawings, crafting, etc. and thought that maybe there’s someone else out there who likes these kind things same as me. 🙂 So here it goes:


If you’re interested in which pencils I’ve used, it’s a Staedtler Mars Lumograph black (set of 6). I really recommend this set! I got it as a present and I’m really loving it.

Oh, and by the way guys! If you haven’t heard the soundtrack – it’s a masterpiece! ♥

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