Uoga Uoga. BB cream

Hey Everyone! I would like to introduce you Uoga Uoga – a vegan cosmetics brand from Lithuania. I’ve been wanting to try their products for quiet a while and finally, around a month ago, I purchased a couple of products of theirs; one of them – the BB cream “Glow” in the lightest shade. I must tell… Continue reading Uoga Uoga. BB cream

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Natural Vitamin Dose: Quinces

Hey Everyone! I’m just after a flu and decided to share one of the methods that always help me to fight these kind of viruses (since I avoid drinking medicine from pharmacies and prefer natural vitamin sources) during this cold autumn season. Days are shorter, sun goes down earlier and the weather is really tricky so… Continue reading Natural Vitamin Dose: Quinces


Review: Optiat

Hey Everyone! We’re not really talking a lot recently, were we? I’m finally done with my university so I will be able to spend more time on my blog! Cannot wait to share my experiences as often as I find something new I like! This time it is going to be about Detoxing Coffee Scrub by… Continue reading Review: Optiat