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Cruelty Free Brands

Hey Everyone! Just a quick post here today. I’ve shared this with some people and I’ve been told this is really helpful so decided to share it with all of you guys as well! I was struggling for some time googling and finding out which cosmetic or household brands are Cruelty Free and/or Vegan. (Struggling… Continue reading Cruelty Free Brands

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Natural Vitamin Dose: Quinces

Hey Everyone! I’m just after a flu and decided to share one of the methods that always help me to fight these kind of viruses (since I avoid drinking medicine from pharmacies and prefer natural vitamin sources) during this cold autumn season. Days are shorter, sun goes down earlier and the weather is really tricky so… Continue reading Natural Vitamin Dose: Quinces


Trakai Island Castle

Hey Everyone! Being proud of where I am from, I wanted to share some nice places of my homeland with all of you guys! This time I’m introducing you Trakai Island Castle which is located in South East of Lithuania. The castle was built back in 14th century and is one of the most visited places in… Continue reading Trakai Island Castle


A little bit of nature

Hey Everyone! I just recently came back from a holiday back home, Lithuania. Luckily, as wanted, I spent lots of time in the nature and captured some images for you to see the beauty as well! Enjoy the pictures, I’ve got loads more for you coming up! 🙂 All the photos were taken in Trakai,… Continue reading A little bit of nature


Glastonbury, England

Hey Everyone! I am happy to finally share my excitement of traveling out of London for a couple of days with a few friends of mine. One of them is a blogger too, so check out her page! Our trip started from tooking a train from London Paddington to somewhere from where we took another… Continue reading Glastonbury, England