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Farmdrop Christmas Feast

Hey Everyone! About a month ago my friend Annmariq invited me to join her in attending the early Christmas feast which was ran by Farmdrop. And what’s the best time to share a good Christmas time experience if not on Christmas Eve? We were welcomed by a super nice Farmdrop team, got offered some yummy drinks… Continue reading Farmdrop Christmas Feast

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Arts: Dragonborn Helmet

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share some pictures of the pencil drawing process of the Dragonborn helmet from Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V. Yes, I am stilll obsessed with the game! It took me 5 days in total to draw it all from scrach which equals around 30-35h approximately. (Been a while since I was… Continue reading Arts: Dragonborn Helmet

Little talks

Hello November! Autumn playlist

Hey Everyone! I’ll blame my social awkwardness for greeting November in the middle of the month, but yay, it’s finally here! If I had to chose my favourite month of the season, it is definitely this one! I like when all the leaves are already coloured and I like when it’s a proper autumn-y sweater weather… Continue reading Hello November! Autumn playlist

Little talks

Cruelty Free Brands

Hey Everyone! Just a quick post here today. I’ve shared this with some people and I’ve been told this is really helpful so decided to share it with all of you guys as well! I was struggling for some time googling and finding out which cosmetic or household brands are Cruelty Free and/or Vegan. (Struggling… Continue reading Cruelty Free Brands


Uoga Uoga. BB cream

Hey Everyone! I would like to introduce you Uoga Uoga – a vegan cosmetics brand from Lithuania. I’ve been wanting to try their products for quiet a while and finally, around a month ago, I purchased a couple of products of theirs; one of them – the BB cream “Glow” in the lightest shade. I must tell… Continue reading Uoga Uoga. BB cream