Glastonbury, England


Hey Everyone!

I am happy to finally share my excitement of traveling out of London for a couple of days with a few friends of mine. One of them is a blogger too, so check out her page!

Our trip started from tooking a train from London Paddington to somewhere from where we took another train to the place we needed to be in. Such accuracy in explanation.

ANYWAY, we reached Glastonbury before midday. The lady who was renting us the rooms to stay in took as from the station and driven us to the house we were staying in.

So, on the first day, which was luckily very sunny, we walked around the city, bought some souvenirs for ourselves, visited the Glastonbury Tor, had some food and made bunch of tourist photos.

Second day was nice, but rainy, so if I remember clearly, we wandered around the Glastonbury, took some storm shots and traveled to another town after, to have a walk and have dinner.

On the third day we went to see the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and on our last day we traveled to Bath. Seen lots of nice things, made lots of photos and enjoyed the time.

The trip, overall, was a really good escape-from-London experience and I cannot wait to travel more next time!

My suggestion to everyone who wants to see Glastonbury, Bath or both: if you are weird as I am, Glastonbury is a good place to wander around (yes, Glastonbury is a weird place, but in all of the best meanings) and Bath is really cool with its architecture and will be good for people who don’t mind crowded places.

I am incredibly happy that I had a chance to see the places and the best part about it all is that it was affordable having a student-size budget.

Cool, right?

Lots of love,


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